Working to support your existing CSR strategy

Linking in with your existing charity

If you already have specific arrangements in place to support chosen charities, we can easily transfer the benefits of the Bravehearts Programme to work directly with the leaders of your selected charities whereby they can benefit in the same way.

The additional benefits that this CSR investment will provide for you, your chosen charity, and those who are selected to attend the Bravehearts Programme are:

  • Free places on the programme for charity leaders to benefit from a life changing / transformational experience which delivers increased performance at work.

  • Your employee attending, receives a personal benefit ,as well as the organisation receiving a benefit. They will be directly involved in seeing the benefits of your CSR investment come to life.

  • Free coaching for all participants before and after the programme.

  • Video Testimonials from the people you have supported saying how the support has helped them.

  • An article about their involvement in the programme that can be used for internal communications and external PR.