The Talent Stretch Assignment


The Bravehearts Programme provides a unique development experience for professional people. The programme offers a stimulating opportunity for executives to develop their leadership skills in a challenging and remote wilderness environment and re-ignite their drive to maximise their performance and enjoyment at work.

It's a programme designed for executives to explore and develop little visited areas of the world as well as their minds. The aim is to reignite the desire to take on even bigger challenges in their lives with renewed energy, vigour and wisdom. The experience will provide a powerful crucible for learning and development for all who enter the programme.

We are in business to work with leaders who are ready to understand themselves at a much deeper level and through the journey of that understanding, gain a new and more powerful set of tools with which to face larger and more complex challenges in their working lives.

In our programmes we combine new personal perspectives with experiential challenges that place participants in stretch situations with which they are unfamiliar, in order to make developmental changes in a supportive environment away from the company gaze.

"The crucible is the occasion for real magic, the creation of something more valuable than any alchemist could imagine. In it, the mind is transformed, changed, created anew. He or she grows in ways that change his or her definition of self"

- Warren G Bennis and Robert J. Thomas, "Geeks and Geezers"