In a Nut Shell

CSR Live is an Inspired Solution which addresses the "Social" element of CSR.

CSR investment needs to be a two way process and be meaningful, accountable, as well as worthwhile for all involved.

How can you leverage your investment to ensure the benefits of your contribution are maximised for all involved, thereby ensuring your contribution isn't wasted?

The Bravehearts Programme offers you the most exciting
and valued use of your CSR contribution imaginable.

In a nutshell you get:

  • Packaged CSR - that can attract valuable PR for marketing both internally as well as externally.

  • The package includes participants testimonials, in the form of a written article and a video showing the benefit delivered, which can be used for employee, investor, client and public viewing

  • CSR Sponsorship for a group of front line inner city youth and charity workers on the week long Bravehearts programme a remote Scottish Island

  • A place for one of your future leaders to attend what has been described by our clients as a 'World class' transformational leadership programme.

  • A package of one to one Executive Coaching before and after the Programme

  • Plus the satisfaction of knowing that your involvement achieves the greatest social benefit directly to those who need it most, for a specific purpose, not disappearing down a black hole or bottomless pit!


Benefits to those who attend the Bravehearts Programme:

  • The Bravehearts Programme makes leadership come alive.

  • It is set in a challenging environment where actions (or inaction) will have very immediate consequences

  • Whether the participant is a high flying executive or an inner city youth worker, this programme provides some secrets they don't teach you at the great business schools - 'How to lead when you have nothing. No power. No authority. No superior experience or knowledge - just yourself'

  • Learn how to keep a team inspired, focussed and energised in a constantly changing & threatening environment, where the only rewards are achieving the challenge ahead.

  • Ultimate Stretch challenges that will equip participants with the skills, knowledge, attitude and confidence to face anything the future might throw at them

  • The ability to handle uncertainty with ease

  • Stepping up a gear to start changing from 'surviving' to 'thriving' in all aspects of life

  • The skills and the confidence and self belief to achieve future goals

  • A real sense of personal empowerment, energy and courage to face the challenges of the future.

  • Membership of an elite alumni of Bravehearts who have been through the programme who are committed to making the inner city a safer place

  • A commitment to provide on going support to all who are privileged to become 'Bravehearts' way beyond the end of the Programme.