The Founder of the Bravehearts Programme

The Bravehearts Programme is the brainchild of its founder John Peck. (

John has over 40 years experience of practicing and teaching transformational leadership. He has taken vast numbers of people to places they never dreamed they could go. In doing so, he has transformed their futures in ways beyond measure. (

His background is quite extraordinary. In his lifetime, he has made it his mission to test himself in extreme environments. In doing so, on a number of occasions, he has pushed himself way beyond the normal limits of human endurance ( In doing so, John has learnt many of the secrets of how to make the seemingly impossible possible.

John's mission now is to share the benefits of this learning with those who would not normally gain access to that depth of experience in their lifetime. The Bravehearts Programme is the vehicle for that legacy to come to life.

To bring this dream into reality John has brought together a world-class team of adventure leadership specialists into what client have called a 'dream team' to deliver this powerful, transformational programme.

"John Peck has a charismatic aura about him. His transformational approach is both inspiring and motivational.

John has an authentic warmth about him and he is passionate about taking people to levels they never though they could achieve.

John also has a powerful style, drive and steely determination, which manifests itself in his epic challenges. John is an inspiration to us all, he is a great man and a good friend.

I have had the priviledge of attending one of John Pecks 'Bravehearts' leadership courses and it positively changed my outlook and stopped me limiting my own self beliefs.
I cannot thank nor recommend John enough for his ongoing support & guidance." 

Simon Hensley
Neighbourhood Police Sergeant, Community Engagement and
Organisational Service Development lead for North Birmingham