Frequently asked questions

Why do you need to go all the way up to Scotland to run the programme? Wouldn't it be easier and cheaper to run it closer to home?

The secrets to the success of the Bravehearts Programme lie partly in the magic of the remote wilderness environment of islands to which we have sole access. There is something very soothing about being away in the wilderness that allows many things to happen, in a fast forward way, that would not happen in a busy urban environment. It is amazing what impact a few days immersed in that stunning environment has on people. It has been described by some people as being 'like a gap year in a week.'

Why the mix of executives with the youth workers and homeless?

When we first started making this mix we had no idea how powerful the results would be all around. The executives learn a huge amount about themselves. They also have to face the challenge of rapidly trying to to win the respect of people they don't know, from massively different backgrounds. Success opens up possibilities of all sorts of deeper dialogue and potential for some great ongoing mentoring / supporting relationships. Executives who have attended the programme have gone on to be immensely helpful to youth workers in helping them make their goals and aspirations come to life in ways that would never have happened without their support.

How does the programme get such consistently powerful transformational results?

Probably the best people to answer this question are the people who have experienced the Bravehearts Programme (Testimonials). I think there are three elements that contribute to the unique success of the programme (a) the design has emerged from many years of experience in running leadership programnes in testing environments.  John has blended the best of many different programmes that he has either been on or tried and tested himself over many years of experience. (B) The success is largely influenced by the calibre of the 'Dream Team' who deliver the programme (C) The leadership team genuinely feel themselves as being in service to the clients  (D) The amazing environment that the team operate in.