Executive Talent Development

John Peck has spent much of his time over the past 20 years designing and running talent development programmes for several major organisations:
  • BT
  • HBOS
  • Metropolitan Police Service

He knows only too well the strategic importance of talent management in terms of business growth and development and its value at a more pragmatic level in terms of engagement and retention of key staff. In the words of a recent study by Bill Conaty & Ram Charan - 'Talent will be the big differentiator between companies that succeed and those that don't'.

Research indicates that financial reward alone is not enough to hold the new generation X & Y managers. They are looking for far more meaningful rewards. Development is high on their agenda and yet rarely offered in this fast moving world of commerce.

The Bravehearts Programme was described by one of the executives from a recent course as being a 'World class leadership development Programme'.

The impact is proving to be far more enduring than many typical conference centre based leadership programmes.

People leave the programme energized, inspired and with a pride in their company.

We are seeing signs that it is having a significant impact on retention and is felt to be a great reward for good service.