The Executive Stretch - Is this for you?

Do you believe that you have the qualities that we are looking for to put yourself forward as an Executive member of a group on one of the forthcoming Bravehearts Programmes? If you are interested, you need to ask yourself whether you can match the following requirements:
  1. Do you have the humility to accept that everyone (including those delivering the programme) is there to learn?
  2. Are you interested in learning more about yourself and developing fresh insight and leadership skills for the future?
  3. Can you leave your ego behind at the door?
  4. Are you genuinely interested in supporting others who may not yet have developed the knowledge, skills and experience that you have?
  5. Are you prepared to stretch yourself physically, mentally and perhaps emotionally beyond your comfort zone?

"Memories of the last week in Scotland are still fresh in my mind. I am keen to use the lessons I have learnt to make a difference in my life and in the life of others"

"Useful outcomes a previous client has experienced; -

  • Increased positive mindset, greater self reliance and desire to leave people and places better than I found them!
  • Empowered, the course is highly motivational and helps you explore yourself to release your potential
  • Increased productivity, the Bravehearts course enabled me to filter out the white noise and focus on the critical path to achieve results