Transformational Leadership Development

The Bravehearts Programme has developed a unique approach to assist volunteers, business, practitioners and policy makers in coming together to make an effective difference in addressing the issues and harsh realities of inner city life.

The programme itself consists of pre-course coaching and diagnostics, a "stretch" assignment, post course coaching and an "action planning" event.  The skills of co-operation, co-ordination, self reliance, team work, planning, and problem solving are prepared for and then honed during a week long experiential wilderness training course on a remote Scottish island.

Executives will work side by side with carefully selected groups of Third Sector participants who are committed to making a difference in the field of Social Development.

The programme is proven to have powerful impact on participants, in particular, they have developed their capacity to handle uncertainty with renewed resilience and an ability to lead confidently through uncharted waters.


One of the key lessons from the Bravehearts Programme, that they don't teach you at the great business schools is 'How to lead when you have nothing. No power. No authority. No experience or knowledge - just yourself'