Developing a Dream

Over 150 youth leaders have benefitted from the Bravehearts Programme over the past two years with phenomenal results. Much of this has been made possible financially from the commitment of the Home Office and senior police officers from a number of large Forces.

The majority of the youth leaders who attend are volunteers, work unpaid, or are on the lowest wages. Hence they are unable to fund their place on the Programme themselves. Their organisations are often similarly run on a shoestring and in most cases would be unable to fund the youth workers to attend.

As the public sector money ran out some benevolent sponsors from the private sector stepped in to part fund the programmes and enabled them to keep the momentum going. This led to a new design with some unexpected, exciting new benefits.

We now are able to offer Corporate Executives free places on the programme in cases where their company offers to sponsor worthy applicants from the community who cannot afford to pay themselves. This has led to a fresh and exciting new approach to the Bravehearts initiative, which has allowed the legacy of the programmes to continue.


'Hajj, really should be done after a bravehearts course, there is so much overlap, in the skills one learns from bravehearts and the opportunities one
has to use them during hajj.'

Parwez Hussain Youth Leader West Midlands