The Bravehearts Solution

If you believe that a meaningful CSR strategy is important to your business, the questions is - 'How can these challenges be managed'

The Bravehearts Programme offers a unique breakthrough to address these challenges.

CSRLive offers a complete end to end 'packaged solution'.  You simply outsource part of your CSR to an organisation that understands the challenges and difficulties and knows how to make certain that you get the very best ROI.

CSRLive guarantees to provide real, measurable, targeted results at grass roots level in places and with people who need them most.  We find the real unsung heroes in the Inner City for you and make them into leaders.

How will you know if your investment is successful?

The unique feature of this programme is that your people will have the chance to take part in this transformational experience themselves and help these changes take place. This enables them to feel engaged, committed and involved with the venture.

There is a valuable sense of 'giving something back', while gaining personal insight, professional development and a sense of pride in themselves and their company.


"The Bravehearts challenge was masterfully schemed, everybody that participated conquered fears and went home with a feeling of invincibility. "