Bravehearts 2011 Bringing CSR support to the inner city unsung heroes

The Bravehearts leadership team is keen to make sure that the legacy of the initiative is passed on to those who deserve it most. In our strategy for 2011 we will be offering the powerful benefits of the Bravehearts programme to selected charities that can provide people who have been though extreme hardship themselves and are now keen to help others in similar situations. 

After much consideration, we have selected three key Inner City charities with a powerful track record of delivery to draw on to populate the core of the Bravehearts Programme.

Places on these programmes will be sponsored by a small number of chosen corporate partners.

In addition, companies will be able to nominate places for leaders in their own selected CSR charities to join the mix. Either way, we guarantee that whoever has the privilege to be selected for this transformational programme will come back energised, inspired and focussed - to a take on the future with renewed confidence and self belief.

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