History of the Bravehearts Initiative

In 2008, John was approached by a senior Police Officer in the Metropolitan Police who was charged with the serious responsibility for reducing gang and youth violence in the inner city. He knew and trusted John and so asked him to help take on this mission.

John believed that if he could find the outreach workers who were working closely with the gangs- the leaders that John refers to as the 'unsung heroes' - and take them away to a unique environment of challenge, self discovery and bonding for a week, these leaders would come back and change the future. The first group discovered themselves on a remote Scottish island and the rest is history.

Since then, John and his specialist team have taken over a dozen groups of key youth workers from London, Greater Manchester, and the West Midlands through the Bravehearts experience, with some astonishing results.

The secret to this success lies partly in the magic of the remote wilderness environment of uninhabited Scottish islands. But a key strength is due to the careful selection of the extraordinarily talented team of people that work alongside him on the Bravehearts programme.  This combination allows a synergy to develop from which can emerge extraordinary & creative outcomes.

"As a parting note, whilst out there, we were encouraged to keep diaries. There was a quote from a fellow team member that stuck with me and encompasses the spirit of the Bravehearts programme - “Be the change you want to see in the world"

"I owe a great deal to John. I recently caught up with him at a reunion in Birmingham, and felt elated - just to be around him again."  Read more...